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〜 忖度AI(人に優しいAI)シリーズのゲーム版を提供開始 〜 (bodais)

無料体験版: https://bodais.com/goto/reversi


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Thanks to all, the Sontaku-AI series was released. The era of coexistence of humans and AI will continue for a while. I think this AI will always help humans.

The article is as follows.

- i’s FACTORY Launches Game Version of Sontaku-AI (Human-friendly AI) (bodais)
Sontaku-AI series, “Sontaku-AI Reversi” first version website has gone online.
i’s FACTORY co., ltd. has launched the game version of “Sontaku-AI” (Human-friendly AI, AI controlling another AI) as a trial experiment.
“Sontaku-AI” controls game AI by auto-tuning the strength of the game AI to match the level to that of the user, thereby offering a tight, enjoyable game. Furthermore, playing against a game AI which is slightly more advanced than the user will offer an effective training of the game.
Free trial version of Sontaku-AI Reversi: https://bodais.com/goto/reversi


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2014年【8月28日】 ●トランプ2組ゲーム「レットラー」の正しい遊び方
2020年【2月4日】 ●忖度AI(Sontaku-AI)シリーズ開始